Nestro Wood Briquettes

Full Pallet Of 96 Packs Of NESTRO Hardwood Heat Logs Delivered On A Pallet

Our Hardwood Nestro heat logs are made from pure birch hardwood sawdust, well compacted and with a hole through the centre to aid air flow. There are other variants of Nestro on the market that are made of softwood but ours are 100% Birch hardwood. Our Nestro heat logs are a by product from a manufacturer who specialises in birch laminated furniture

Nestro heat logs are easy to light and long lasting making them a perfect log replacement. They produce a very attractive flame and generate good heat. Nestro heat logs are highly compressed giving a dense briquette which means it doesn’t shed lots of dust not like softwood briquettes which tend to be crumbly and messy and they are a lovely rich golden colour with a hole through the centre which assists air flow.

They are made from pure, untreated birch sawdust and are held together by compression alone.

Birch Nestro expand lengthways as they burn so we recommend breaking them into half or smaller pieces as this makes them easier to control as they burn. Break them up into 3 or 4 pieces with kindling and a flamer beneath them and voila you are set, then gradually introduce half logs once you learn what is best for your stove. Best to add once the embers are starting to go red but no later and if needed open vent to boost it

Each “Individual Pack” of 5 Birch Briquettes is wrapped in plastic and weighs 10kg

Heat Logs should be kept in a completely dry environment and not left outside


  • Perfect for all stove sizes.
  • There are 5 briquettes in each pack 96 x 10 kg packs on a pallet. They are very clean and easy to handle. The pallet is shrink-wrapped for protection and each pack of 5 logs is wrapped in plastic. 
  • Each log measures 27cms x 9cms
  • They expand in the fire by nearly twice the size
  • Less than 4% moisture content
  • Composition compressed birch sawdust
  • Calorific value 4.8 kWh/kg
  • Max ash content 0.7%
  • Max. water content:  <8%
  • Dimensions 270mm x 90mm with 20mm hole
  • Weight 2kg approx.
  • Pack:  5 Logs = 10kg