UAB "Baltic Wood Fuel Industry"

A1 Wood pellets

A1 Wood Pellets

A1 Wood Pellets

Baltic Wood Fuel industry species of wood makes it possible to differentiate a wood by its density. We will then speak of soft wood or hardwood. Hardwood (beech, oak, ash, hornbeam) takes longer to dry, is more difficult to split and ignite, but has greater energy efficiency. The embers of this wood burn longer and radiate more. Because hardwood is a perfect firewood, Green-Tech uses it exclusively as a raw material.

A1 wood pellets

UAB “Baltic Wood Fuel Industry” provide bulk industrial-grade wood pellets for clean biomass energy to Europe’s leading energy companies using sea vessels of 3.000 to 30.000 tons. Forest based biomass used to be considered an efficient option only for local use. However, the modern chains of logistics have all but minimized the significance of distance.

We are a modern and reliable supplier of certified wood granulate. Our goal is to be able to offer you an ecological production and suitable for international standards, therefore, we aim for the highest requirements of production quality and customer service.

For us it is very important to have a solid and reliable relationship with customers for this reason we work hard to win your trust. Our team is always open to your suggestions and ideas so do not hesitate to contact us – we promise to find the solution that suits you.. 

Why is it worth warming up with wood pellets?
The pellet is produced from sawdust and wood chips first specially dried, therefore the granulate is much drier than firewood and has a higher heat power
It is a clean biofuel that has no environmental impact
15 kg packages are compact and easy to transport, do not take up much space in the warehouse
During transport and prolonged storage, the granulate does not become damp and does not produce dust.

Throughout our time working with our partners across Europe, who have many years of
experience in the wood industry, we have gained invaluable experience and knowledge that
we use in our daily work with our clients.

A1 Wood pellets

We are a certified Lithuanian-Manufacturer/ distributor of high-quality wooden pellets from Lithuania. Our deliveries are fast and efficient, covering 27 European countries. Since 2013 we have been a trusted and long-term pellet supplier for our biggest customers in Serbia Croatia Italy Poland, Belgium, Holland, France, Denmark and Slovakia. All Baltic Wood Fuel products are made and packed in Lithuania.